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Default Plants loosing colour

"RedForeman - The Origial Recipe" wrote in message
On May 2, 12:00 pm, "Dasco" wrote:
About five weeks ago I planted a variety of plants. Some of them (not
of name) had a beautiful copper/red colouring, however recently the
are turning green. One that I particularly like has a corn type base and
Lilly leaves float on the surface of the water. Roots appear to be good
I feed with Seachem Flourish Tabs - No CO2. Any ideas on how I can get
colouring back?

Thanks - Dave

If I remember correctly, Iron and a specific lighting level are needed
to continue the redness in red plants, at which I am the worlds

My concern at adding more Iron is that it will impact on other plants in the
aquarium, which at present are a lush green.

The lilly plant you speak of, did you buy it at wal-mart?

No - It was a UK supplier - can't remember the name at present - service and
deleivery was excellent.

Tabs are great, but liquid flourish could be better... see, some
plants fert from the roots, others fert from the water... depending on
your plant, you might be wasting $$ and time.... I'm not sure so don't
take my word on it...

Umm.... I read somewhere that (generally speaking) plants take 80% of their
nutriants through their roots - hence the Tabs. However I have an open mind
and willing to try the liquids

You're in the right place, hang on, someone more smart than I will
answer... (more smart, that's like good, gooder, goodest)

Thanks for your reply.