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Default Plants loosing colour

On Wed, 2 May 2007 19:34:53 +0100, "Dasco"

"RedForeman - The Origial Recipe" wrote in message
On May 2, 12:00 pm, "Dasco" wrote:
About five weeks ago I planted a variety of plants. Some of them (not
of name) had a beautiful copper/red colouring, however recently the
are turning green. One that I particularly like has a corn type base and
Lilly leaves float on the surface of the water. Roots appear to be good
I feed with Seachem Flourish Tabs - No CO2. Any ideas on how I can get
colouring back?

Thanks - Dave

Forgot to mention, on my low light, low tech tanks, I used
Flourish Excel - a CO2 supplement of sorts...
Flourish Iron -
Flourish -

Sounds good! Do you dose as per Seachems advice?

I am a low tech 'fisher.' Keep it simple is my motto. No chemicals,
low light, no air, no charcoal. I do my weekly water changes straight
from the tap.

I have several plant types including red leaves type. (sorry, I don't
know names). I have 3 ten gallon, one 29 and one 75 gallon so it is
not just luck. The fish eat flake food, they eliminate, the plants
absorb and every one seems content. The tanks have been established
over 3 years.