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L.W.(ßill) Hughes III wrote:
> Your deductive powers are seriously flawed!

The parsing of your statement was straight forward. No deductive powers
involved at all, simply a carving up of a statement to the core
assertion. Show the flaws.

> You really need help, grabbing for straws like this.


>>Here is what you wrote:
>>L.W.(ßill) Hughes III wrote:
>> >Just so you now know, the volume change created by mixing is their
>> > new density.

>>Let's parse your statement:
>>[Just so you now know,] Non-sequitur. Ignore
>>[created by mixing] Qualifier, we can take that out.
>>which leaves the meat or your statement:
>>volume change is their new density.
>>If you want to divide it up a little finer, the [change] and [their new]
>> are simply descriptors referring th the new state and can be dropped.
>>this leaves "volume is density"
>>Perhaps you would like to rephrase it in a more coherent and cohesive