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Default Plants loosing colour

"RedForeman - The Origial Recipe" wrote in message
On May 2, 12:00 pm, "Dasco" wrote:
About five weeks ago I planted a variety of plants. Some of them (not
of name) had a beautiful copper/red colouring, however recently the
are turning green. One that I particularly like has a corn type base and
Lilly leaves float on the surface of the water. Roots appear to be good
I feed with Seachem Flourish Tabs - No CO2. Any ideas on how I can get
colouring back?

Thanks - Dave

Forgot to mention, on my low light, low tech tanks, I used
Flourish Excel - a CO2 supplement of sorts...
Flourish Iron -
Flourish -

Sounds good! Do you dose as per Seachems advice?