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Anybody use one of these? I've got two and am getting a few more. Big
improvement over normal style powerheads. The best thing is they stay
in place.

I had my eyes on them for long time, but did not buy any yet...
Glad I read your good review :-)

How bulky are they?
Would they fit nicely my pico-reef made out of a regular all-glass
10 gallon tank or are they too big?

I have one in a ten gallon tank:

Do you maybe have a full-tank shot?

How are you going to deal with your algae/cyano blooms?

That is a full tank shot. If you look to the back left you'll see the
corner. And the pump is attached to the right wall. The only cyno is
on the left rock, All the rest is coral algae. I'm not worried about
it. This particular tank has been set up for over 10 years in my mud
room. Only one damsel fish in there. Probably could point the
powerhead at the rock and the algae would go away but why bother.

It also has very low lighting and gets neglected on water change days
- most of the time.