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Default African Dwarf Frog floating on top of tank :(

Tedd Jacobs wrote:
"asginpg" wrote...

Thanks, though Floaty's problems are now much worse. After over three
days at the top of the tank, I found him on the bottom this evening
and thought "hurray!". However, three hours later Floaty was lying
upside down on the bottom looking very dead. I retrieved my net only
to find him sitting on the bottom normally. An hour later, he was
once again upside down. I watched him carefully and he righted himself
for a bit then moved accross the tank and flipped upside down again.
He not bloated and looks normal. I suspect he is not long for this
world. Can't think of what can be done for him.

i've had this happen to a couple of our frogs in the past too. not sure what it
is, i was hoping to watch this string for an answer.

near as i can tell they seem to just starve themselves to death, whether it be
from a parasite or virus or physical damage i dont know, but they refuse to eat
and end up very skinny, lethargic, and after a while dead. a couple of the web
searches i've done to try and find out have yielded little results.

sorry i cant be of more help, but at least you know you're not alone. :-/


What's your water like? Are you adding anything to it? Too much, too little?

The reason I ask this question is because I was having trouble with
ghost shrimp dying off for no apparent reason. I finally figured out
that the dose of amquel I was using to dechlorinate the water was too
high. I only needed to use a third of what I was using. (I found out
from the water department online that they're using chloramine, and got
a test kit to determine how much is added to the water, it turns out
to be a very small dose).

After I cut back on Amquel my remaing ghost shrimp is still surviving.
She's outlasted any of the ghost shrimp I've put in the tank. I don't
know if this is related, but I thought it might be worth a shot...


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