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please take care

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Old October 21st 07, 10:24 AM posted to alt.support.boy-lovers,rec.nude,alt.support.incest,alt.vampyres,rec.aquaria.marine.reefs
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Default please take care

On Oct 19, 7:07?pm, David wrote:
On 19 Oct 2007 16:53:06 GMT, friendly face
typed furiously:

David wrote in

On 19 Oct 2007 03:42:43 GMT, friendly face
typed furiously:

David wrote in

On Thu, 18 Oct 2007 00:52:22 -0700, Brandon D Cartwright
typed furiously:

On Thu, 18 Oct 2007 12:46:34 +0930, David

On Wed, 17 Oct 2007 12:48:45 -0700, Brandon D Cartwright
typed furiously:

On Tue, 16 Oct 2007 20:00:28 GMT, "TomBa +NP-f36+"

ThePsyko wrote in

On 15 Oct 2007 I stormed the castle called
alt.support.boy-lovers and heard TomBa +NP-f36+ cry out in

ThePsyko wrote in

On 15 Oct 2007 I stormed the castle called
alt.support.boy-lovers and heard TomBa +NP-f36+ cry out in

Brandon D Cartwright wrote in
news:9bn4h3hiheddbpt4m2b4jgulfcgml70qs :

perhaps we would agree better if i acknowledge you weren't
over-doing in posting the site, but you do lose faith by
associating yourself with bobandcarole.

Any critic of these predatory pedophiles and their online
child pornography rings will be slandered.

Why do you believe that slander is an effective means of
winning an argument?

Why do you believe that those you attack are "predatory
pedophiles" and engaging in "child pornography rings?"
(Hint: both assumptions are false.)

Are they? Can you say that with absolute certainty?

No, I can't make such a broad statement

ummm... but you did?

Uhmm... yes it would appear so. I was more objecting to Brandon's
all inclusive characterizations in labelling *any* of his targets
of slander as predators and porn ring members. I know from
personal experiences that *I* do not fit into either of these
categories, yet I'm a target of his slanders.

Just who do you think you are fooling?

Well we know that you are making a fool of yourself.

Well clearly he has fooled you.

But as you advocate for the legalization of incest and "consenting "
sex even with six year olds its no great surprise

Kindly cite evidence that I have advocated _any_ kind of sex with
six-year-olds. I have never done so. You are a liar as well as a

helloooo, brandon! how dare you accuse him of advocating sex with six
year olds?! twelve year olds are TWICE as mature!!

Exactly, but they are illegal in my neck of the woods so it is
definitely look but do not touch. I have never advocated sex with
anyone under the age of consent. Brandon is merely taking Bo0by's
allegations and adding an age to them. He is the one who first
mentioned the age of six.

is irony a lost art in asbl?

I got the irony. I thought it needed explanation so that Brandon could
fundamentalism (n.): fund = give cash to; amentalism = brainlessness- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

4s00th is a very sick ****.

"I cannot, in good conscience, claim that none of the posts contain
child pornography as I did not download the entire group, only a few
random samples -- all of which did NOT contain any pornographic
content or any illegal content. There was, indeed, nudity -- but we
all know that nudity does not equal pornography"--pedophile "4s00th"
admits he downloaded pictures of nude boys.


Every decent person that reads it's vile confessions wants to vomit.
Not to mention rearrange "4s00th's" face :-) Anonymous pedophile
"4s00th" is a pathetic cripple that most likely lives alone, fondling
itself while dreaming about sodomizing innocent children. How utterly
humiliating for sick pedophile ******* "4s00th"

Only the sickest of deviants would even THINK about sodomizing young
boys and "4s00th" freely admits his perverted thoughts and even has
the gall to whine for acceptance because it confessed. "4s00th" is
in its purest incarnation and definately not fit to be around
boys, or ANY decent person for that matter. "4s00th" belongs in a

"Yes, I've thought about giving little boys blow jobs, and the
fantasies have been very thrilling and exciting to me"--humiliated
pedophile 4s00th

"I am a pedophile -- someone who is sexually attracted to children; I
won't quibble about pre-adolescent or post-adolescent because I like
them all. That does not make me a threat to children"--humiliated
pedophile 4s00th


Oh, and he's modest too!!

"I have on occasion been known to humiliate myself -- but then, I'm
one of the few people with sufficient intelligence to humiliate me"
--humiliated pedophile 4s00th


Would you allow anonymous pedophile "4s00th" to babysit your
children? After all, he says he's "not a threat to children"...


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